K-VERSE: Media Metaverse Platform

The metaverse industry has been preparing for a long time as part of the “data security” war of big tech companies. Over the past few weeks, several companies have announced their plans towards building a metaverse, which they believe will succeed the Internet in the coming decade. At the moment there are also questions about who will finally have control over this virtual environment and who will ensure everyone is on the same page. Facebook — the most famous platform in the US is working hard to implement the Metaverse through VR/AR. The metaverse broadly refers to the idea of shared virtual spaces that people can access through different devices and where they can move through digital environments. According to Tencent’s president, The company can approach the metaverse through its video game and social networking businesses. Metaverse is expected to mature further under the virtuous cycle of capital and traffic in China.
Metaverse is equipped with conditions as a next-generation platform, such as the user age group, the increase in the number of subscribers, and the creation of a virtuous cycle ecosystem. Users are expected to select one or more from the various metaverses according to their lifestyle and area of interest, which is highly likely to be influenced by the main content provided by each metaverse. No company will build the metaverse alone. This will be a global partnership with businesses, creators, policymakers, entrepreneurs, and more. From its inception, the metaverse will be built with the framework and foundation of creating a space where people can be, and feel, safe.

METAVERSE KEEPs K-Verse is specialized Media Contents.

KEEPs is an ecosystem platform for the distribution of video media. Users will produce various media content, which can be distributed worldwide through the KEEPs platform and the profits from media distribution will be fairly rewarded to the producers or users. Among KEEPs services, K-VERSE, a metaverse platform, is an extension service that enhances platform services to a new virtual space. This service is open to everyone to participate rather than unilateral distribution. In particular, K-VERSE aims to provide live concerts and performances by realizing media services in a virtual space. This is the leverage that can compete with the other metaverse platforms which only use avatars.

K-VERSE Concert.

Media service, which is the cornerstone of metaverse, can be implemented in KEEPs K-VERSE. News media service is another important service in virtual space, which cannot be provided by K-VERSE. Of course, this part soon will be done in cooperation with other professional news media providers.


From the perspective of partners who are looking for a collaboration, it is necessary to enter the metaverse where news media distribution is possible in a form that allows communication, rather than a one-way distribution channel such as a general web service, where the target of news media distribution is any partner who recognizes their strengths can participate.




Artist’s Dream We provide opportunities for young people who dream of becoming content artists to make their dreams come true.

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KEEPs (KVerse)

KEEPs (KVerse)

Artist’s Dream We provide opportunities for young people who dream of becoming content artists to make their dreams come true.

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