KEEPs Platform in Multi-media and multi-platform era

Today is a multi-media and multi-platform era. Anyone can be a creator and can distribute their creations. The entertainment industry is now an age of opportunity and age of culling. A solid practical book has been published in the entertainment industry, where it was difficult to pick a valid theory book, and it is drawing attention. Entertainment Korea is a book that highlights the latest trends in the entertainment industry from entertainment content planners and entertainers, as well as industry aspirants. Authors who have been working in the entertainment industry for a long time vividly convey the current address of the Korean entertainment industry through their experiences.

In a thriving ecosystem, community members play a role in the development of the project. They’ll review products and offer their insights as well as highlight market trends and things that need to change. In esteeming their communities, blockchain projects are pushing the boundaries of what a traditional streaming platform looks like. This is a step forward for art creators who have been working in the entertainment industry for a long time to vividly convey the current address of the entertainment industry through their experiences.

Having learned about blockchain technology in general and its particular relevance for the media industry, five blockchain-based use cases of KEEPs will show how changes could soon become reality.

KEEPs has a special team that is gathered by industry experts from various fields. It provides young people who dream of becoming artists with new opportunities to make their dreams come true, and by providing opportunities for various works of art to established artists, sharing various cultural and artistic works with all of humanity, enjoying cultural benefits, and individual self-esteem. It is a group of experts organized to create an ecosystem of culture and arts that enhances mental and physical satisfaction with all mankind.

In principle, the business model of KEEPS is designed to benefit all stakeholders in the industry, including creators, distributors, consumers, advertisers, and program developers. In addition, unlike a centralized media platform that monopolizes profits, we pursue a content distribution model that maximizes efficiency based on a blockchain that minimizes the intervention of intermediaries in the entire process of content creation and final consumption. To this end, the KEEPs business model is focusing on three tasks:

  1. Copyright protection: How to prevent the disturbance of the ecosystem caused by illegal copying?
  2. Decentralization and autonomy: How will the balance of the ecosystem be maintained autonomously?
  3. Token usability: How to increase the usability of Token, a medium of ecosystem circulation?

Overall, blockchain is a serious game-changer for the media and digital advertising industry. CEOs might need to reposition their companies for the new era. Media business models have to be adjusted to new balances of power. With fair billing models, aggregators can meet the requirements of content producers in good time. In this manner, they will be seen as a fair partner in the blockchain age too. Smart search and recommendation functionalities will secure the significance of platform providers in the medium term.

However, there are several fundamental issues and technical obstacles which may undermine the realization of our use cases:

  1. Trust in blockchain technologies and platforms.
  2. Usability and reach of blockchain technologies in everyday environments.
  3. The interoperability of platforms and various standards needs to be secured.

In the KEEPs Platform, it is possible to exchange the content rights to the entire cultural and artistic work, not a single item. All works of art can increase or decrease in value depending on the market situation, and we want to build a home trading system for genuine works of art that customers can exchange some content rights of these artworks. It is similar to the securities trading system, but it is an innovative system in terms of value sharing and consumer rights. In the future, it is expected that a new culture and art sharing system can be used in the exhibition hall and at home.

In conclusion, KEEPS must be the comprehensive blockchain-based media platform with cohesive applications that can deliver the potential disruption on the whole industry: offering the decentralized sharing economy function with fairness, a bright shift of market power happened through content creation and NFT, and improve the content creation with enthusiast end-users engagement, and more cognitive benefits not yet to come.

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Artist’s Dream We provide opportunities for young people who dream of becoming content artists to make their dreams come true.

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KEEPs (KVerse)

KEEPs (KVerse)

Artist’s Dream We provide opportunities for young people who dream of becoming content artists to make their dreams come true.

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