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On April 6th, 2021, Keepscoin took its first AMA session, hosted by Mark from Blockchaincrews on Telegram.

The main representative who provided answers is Ms. Anastasia Kim — Global CMO of Keepscoin. The answers responded to questions prepared by Blockchaincrews as well as audiences who took part in the session.

1. BlockchainCrews: Can you briefly introduce yourself as well as the Keepscoin project? How many members are there currently in the Keepscoin development team?

Anastasia: I am Anastasia, CMO of Keeps Foundation. I am a service specialist who manages investments related to virtual assets that are mainly active in the United States. The Keeps Foundation consists of about 16 members from the multinational development team.

Mark: Wow. To be able to bring all 16 members together and form a strong team. Can you share with us how you managed to pull it off?

Anastasia: We started out in Korea and the US. We decided to create a new platform for content creators and customers. The global development team who understood such a righteous cause became involved, and that is our strength.

Mark: Amazing

Anastasia: In particular, we are preparing a separate content service platform in the US for the globalization of Korean Wave content. Of course, we hope to serve the same purpose in the Asia region.

2. BlockchainCrews: How does Keepscoin work? What are the advantages of the solution that Keepscoin gives people?

Anastasia: Keeps started with a patent for a video security solution. Based on a security solution, including video distribution. Keeps’ video security solution is designed to protect the rights of copyright holders while ensuring the convenience aspect for users enjoying the content.

It is especially specialized in Korean content and certainly is helpful in the globalization of Korean cultural content.

Also, the content supply contract between Korea and the US has been signed already. The specific names will be released to the press when the time comes.

Mark: Is this a way in which you will promote and introduce Korean culture and people more to other countries around the world through Keepscoin?

Anastasia: Of course. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where content creators, distributors, and users all over the world work together in a harmonious & safe manner.

3. BlockchainCrews: During your development stage in the past, how did you make the initial steps in building the basic foundation for Keepscoin? Can you briefly describe it? Besides, can you share your future development roadmap with everyone?

Anastasia: In the first year (2020) Keeps has developed a video security solution and blockchain mainet, and will open a video platform and a dedicated NFT platform this year (2021). The roadmap will be released as soon as possible on our website.

Mark: NFT, trends for the year 2021

So what does opening the NFT platform mean for KEEPs Coin?

Anastasia: In addition, the platform we are building is not a closed space. It is created in an open form so that you can work with other large platforms such as Youtube, Vimeo, etc. This will facilitate the participation of various third parties. In particular, it will be specialized in copyright ownership and trading of NFT-type small images, which is a recent issue.

The opening of the NFT platform will create a space for participants to freely distribute content and it will be a new milestone in content distribution.

4. BlockchainCrews: Can you tell us about your partners so far, who are they? In the future, how do you plan to develop this problem?

Anastasia: Our partners are mainly Asian video service platform companies. From this year, we have plans to contract additional video platform partners from the US and Europe.

In addition, our partners from Korea and the US are wholly capable of producing movies, dramas, and every kind of entertainment program. They have great knowledge about the content market and understand our service well. They will join us this year.

Mark: I have seen on your homepage that famous Korean broadcasters such as KBS and MBC are your partners. So how did you meet their partner standards?

Anastasia: We have maintained a productive working relationship with them for a long time. Our members in Korea used to work with them before starting the project and they also fully understood our business model. That is the reason why we are together.

5. BlockchainCrews: Can you give an overview of KEEPs Tokenomics and the utility of the KEEPs Token? How will KEEPs tokens create momentum and values to promote the development of the entire Keepscoin ecosystem?

Anastasia: We aim for a platform that satisfies content creators, distributors, and customers. That’s why Keeps Token leads all connections within the Keeps platform. Creators receive KPC for their creations and distributors receive KPC for distribution. Customers just have to pay for the legitimate use of the content in KPC. That’s why Keeps is a platform in which everyone can develop together.

Mark: Sounds good. Now, we have the last question from our team before we start the live audience questions segment!

6. BlockchainCrews: What do you think about Vietnam’s digital entertainment, music, and content building market? In your opinion, in order to be as successful as the current Korean market, what factors should Vietnam region focus on? Will Keepscoin support and promote them to contribute to the development?

Anastasia: We believe the Vietnam market would work very well with the Keeps platform. Vietnam is a huge market, perhaps the second most powerful content consumption after China. It is a very attractive market, especially in high demand for Korean cultural content.

In order to become a platform that can communicate with Vietnam’s unique mobile-oriented content consumption, it is necessary to provide separate scalability to the Keeps platform.

We have formed a separate Vietnamese development team for this part, and we will open a localized platform to truly reach the Vietnam market.

Audience question 1

Elita Battle:

DeFi is one of the hottest topics in the blockchain field. Can you share your opinion about DeFi with us?

Do you think DeFi will destroy the existing financial system?

What is your project approach towards DeFi?

Anastasia: It is an imagination that DeFi destroys existing finance. It won’t be that way. Rather, it will go with traditional finance. We want to use DeFi as a funding for creation. It will eventually produce good results, and the benefits go to everyone who participates. The virtually hidden finance of DeFi will soon display its visible benefits.

Audience question 2


How do you think about Asia market? Does your team have any plan to approach INDONESIA which is the potential market for crypto? There are many investors wanting to work and earn money from crypto.

Anastasia: We trust the Asian market leads the world. Of course, we have plans for Indonesia. We will not offer a general private sale. We all have our own business with basic funding. The reason we promote our business with coins is to be together in an open market.

Audience question 3


Are you happy to look back at Keepscoin history and performance so far compared to the date you started this project? Who do you think is Keepscoin strongest partner and why? What is your future partnership? What are the strengths of your project?

What are the biggest hurdles for your Keepscoin project in real world deployment, and what plans do you have to overcome these challenges?

Anastasia: Yup, we are happy with the project of last year, setup and listing on the exchange. We have a capable group of content creators. This will be our strength. In the future, we will work with major distributors, and we believe that will make our future shine.

Audience question 4

Himon Ahamed:

Most DeFi projects, especially those that offer yield farming, are driven up by hype and scarcity. So when the hype dies, the project dies. What’s the key to sustain your project yield farming?

Anastasia: The key point of DeFi farming is securing interest. However, interest farming is not the core of our platform. We want content creators to share the rewards, and we want our tokens to increase in value. That is why our project can move forward with the power of the customer who wants the content.

Audience question 5


How do you differentiate from other blockchain projects focusing on a scalable solution, especially the Ethereum Network with an upgrade to ETH 2.0, which can help to expand your network in a significant way?

Anastasia: We are a member of the Ethereum ecosystem with ERC20. But we do not remain within the limits of the Ethereum ecosystem. We can convert to the Binance and also to the Klayswap. We are clearly different from Ethereum project.

Audience question 6

Himon Ahamed:

Your mission is for apps to implement loyalty programs that drive engagement and empower users financially. What specific loyalty features will these programs reward? And how will they qualify an action as loyal or not?

Anastasia: Creator’s content is distributed through various platforms. Of course, royalties are formed in the meantime. The royalties incurred will then go to everyone on the platform. That is why they will be willing to participate in our platform.

Audience question 7


Do you plan to build partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers and local projects in each country to make the use of the token more global?

Anastasia: Yes, we do. Our service can be swapped with partner’s tokens in each country. Our platform, and use them more globally.

Audience question 8

Himon Ahamed:

What makes you feel confident about the survival & sustainable success of your project in the near future?

Anastasia: As I told you, our ecosystem is strong. For us, who have secured creators and started distribution, we only need to secure customers who will participate in the platform. That is why I am confident that we will succeed. We have already contracted capable content creators and large platforms.

Audience question 9


Many investors join projects for short-term gain only. In fact, many blockchain projects fail at the same time. How do you ensure that your investors understand both the benefits and risks of your project? How do you make them aware that your project is serious and for the long term?

Anastasia: Our project aligns with popular culture. We don’t want short-term speculation and expectation from our customers. The growing values will lead to far greater profits than short-term profits.

Audience question 10


How do you plan to promote your project in different countries, wherein English is not spoken well? Do you have a local community for them to understand your project better?

Anastasia: We are a project started in Korea and the US. For that, in non-English speaking countries, we plan to promote a separate localized app. Our focus is Vietnam and Indonesia markets. We look forward to the release of our app.

Mark: Thank you for answer, Anastasia

Before the end of today’s AMA session, do you have any words to the community?

Anastasia: I’m sooo suprised many people showed huge interest to KEEPS!

In the few days, the Vietnamese app will open and start marketing. Please look out and maintain a positive interest for how well our project will grow to fit the roadmap.

Thank you so much and have a super good night.
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